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Sumeet Raghavan – “Akshay Kumar is crazy off camera”

“Akshay Kumar is crazy off camera.”

With a new TV show ‘Bade Door Se Aaye Hain’ on the anvil and a new film Holiday in theatres, Sumeet Raghavan cannot stop beaming with joy.

The actor, who became a household name with ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ is back in TV after a break of over two years. He says the new show is unique. “It’s the first of its kind. We have seen Jadoo and ET and we have seen Superman who help the poor and the weak. This show, on the other hand, is a comedy about an alien – something that has never happened in India earlier.”

‘Bade Door Se Aaye Hain,’ like most TV shows, is about a family … but quite a different one. “It is about a family of five from outer space. They have superpowers – they can stretch, run fast etc. But they are so far ahead of humans and so evolved that they have forgotten emotions. So you will see my younger brother telling me that something on the left side of his chest is pumping hard when a beautiful girl passes by; or my wife thinking her eyes are leaking when she is crying,” elaborates Sumeet, whose favourite alien film is the Oscar winning Independence Day directed by Rolan Emmerich.

Sumeet is delighted to be joining hands with his ‘Sarabhai’ producers Hats Off once again. get best pills “They had called me a couple of times after ‘Sarabhai’ but things could not work out due to various reasons. This show has a wonderful concept and is completely up my alley. The fact that Aatish Kapadia (director of the ‘Sarabhai’ series) is working on the show adds to the confidence,” he says. “Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai added a lot of credibility to my career as an actor. The love that was received is incredible. We had no inkling that the show would ever become so big. I was recently checking online and came across a website which rated it among 25 best TV shows ever across the world. That’s humbling,” he gushes.

Unlike ‘SVS’ though, ‘Bade Door Se Aaye Hain,’ will have a “message that is delivered in a nice format,” he informs.

Alongside his new TV show, Sumeet is also excited about his latest film, Holiday. “When Vipul (Shah) had called me regarding the film, I was sitting idle and agreed to do the film. It was a great experience working with Akshay. That man is amazing. In front of the camera, he is a no-nonsense hardworking actor but the minute he is off the camera, he is crazy. He is a major prankster and plays games at sets.”
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