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Style Files: Ameesha Patel Fashion Disasters

Umm.. She has a pretty face but somehow manages to look like a walking talking shop of disasters. When I first saw her debut film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai ages ago, I was quite impressed by this simple looking girl. After that I never bothered about her. She wasn’t in the limelight anyway!

She made public appearances here, there and everywhere. Got caught in a few controversies and stuff. Nobody cared, once again! Then came her BIG makeover. Big according to just her. Bleh!

She was seen in a yellow bikini in the film Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic which created a buzz. I mean.. Yeah, she had a role in that film and all blonde, barbie doll types but she was sidelined as always.

So here are few of her pictures we have put together in which something or the other has always gone wrong with the babe. Sometimes the blouse or the make up or the way the saree has been draped or simply the complete outfit has gone so wrong!

We are so fed up of seeing your bulging stomach, gaudy make up and ugly hair. Yes, ugly!

Advice: Babe, you’re a star (at least that’s what Google says)! So get a stylist, asap!! You have absolutely no sense of dressing and need to go back to basics. Hmpf!

Style Files: Ameesha Patel Fashion Disasters

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