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SPOILER ALERT! Leaked video reveals Shraddha Kapoor is the real villain

Just yesterday, we had shown you a picture of Shraddha Kapoor in the Villain hoodie, confusing one and all who the real villain is in the upcoming film Ek Villain. And today, a video from the film’s set has been leaked which sees the lead actress wearing a black hoodie and showing mannerisms very similar to Sidharth and Riteish confusing us further.

Not very long ago, Shraddha during an interview spoke about her character saying: “Aisha is the name of my character. She is full of life, happy girl who is always ready to help people. She wants everyone to laugh and be happy.”

But the promos and now the leaked video tells us a totally different story. Sidharth Malhotra said, plavix prescription assistance “We have tried to confuse people and keep them guessing who the hero is and who is the villain? It’s a new trend, where a hero can also become a villain and have negative characteristics”.

So now, we will have to keep guessing till the film releases all over on June 27.

Watch the leaked video here:

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