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Kareena Kapoor has a look alike in Bollywood. It’s Tiger Shroff

Bollywood newbie, Tiger Shroff has over night become popular, not because of his recently released Heropanti, but his pretty face. Yes, you heard that right. The actor has a very uncanny resemblance to Kareena Kapoor.

Social networking sites have gone berserk with an image of the actor going viral, showing four steps needed to convert Tiger to Kareena. And if you are wondering how did the Heropani actor react to it, well, he’s a sport. In fact he has taken all the criticism in a positive way as a compliment.

In an interview to Hindustan Times, Tiger said, “Yes, I’ve seen it. It was quite funny. I take it as a compliment to be compared to a woman as pretty as Kareena Kapoor Khan. She’s so beautiful and, at the end of the day, beauty is beauty. You can take it the way you want to. I can sit and sulk all day, wondering why people are doing this to me. Yes, people have been making fun of my name and, of how I look, but the good thing is, everyone is noticing me; it shows that I’ve made an impression. If they weren’t [talking about me], then it would be a problem.”

He added, “I always knew that I’m not the typical Indian-looking boy. I used to fear that people wouldn’t accept me because of my appearance. But after the film’s release, I feel I have got more [positive response] than I deserved”.

What a positive person! Keep up this attitude always Tiger. :-)

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