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Aditi Rao Hydari’s Travel Tales

“Can’t expect luxury on a trek in Corbett National Park, now can I?”

“Do you like travelling?” we ask Aditi Rao Hydari, and she says in a surprised tone, “Doesn’t everyone love to travel, see new places, explore the world?”

The actress reveals: “I have traveled quite a bit in India — Rajasthan, South India, the Kumaon hills, a bit in the East and have undertaken many treks in the Himalayas. Internationally, I’ve been to South Africa, Europe, Japan, China, South East Asia, Turkey, and of course the UK and America.”

Her most memorable holidays are the ones she spent in “Nantes, France, and in Turkey.” As an afterthought, she adds: “All holidays are memorable in some way but one of my most precious vacations would be my summer holidays at my nana-nani’s house!”

She likes to travel with her friends and family because comfort level with her co-travelers is important to her. She states that she enjoys a luxurious holiday but qualifies it with: “When I want to be pampered.” Furthermore, she reasons, “But I can’t expect luxury on a trek in Corbett National Park, now can I?”

Her latest travel destination was New York City. She shares, “I walked around, ate yummy food, spent time with childhood friends, shopped a bit and took the subway on my own for the first time in NYC.” Food was fun in the Big Apple. She enthuses, “You get every conceivable cuisine in New York City and I love trying different things. New York City is a no brainer for good food.”

She didn’t stay in a hotel because she was hosted by family friends. Aditi enjoys shopping but spent a lot of time in “pursuit of a coat in spring because it was freezing, which was uncharacteristic for the time of the year.”

Aditi had already done the conventional sightseeing, since she has “already been to New York before,” so she chose to see a couple of new plays “and they were incredible.”

Aditi likes to pack her travel bags mostly by herself with little help from her domestic staff. She says, “The must-haves in my bag are a travel adaptor, passport and money. Add some personal stuff and I am sorted!”

Her favourite mode of travel is the car. She says, “Nothing like good company and music. Comfortable air travel is fabulous — on a plane there are no phones, lots of sleep and lots of movies!”

The next destination on Aditi’s wish list? “South America – I am dying to go there.”
Anita Raheja-Heena Agarwal, Bollywood News Service
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