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Kiara Advani – “I learnt bike for Fugly”

“I learnt how to ride a bike for Fugly. Someone would start the bike for me … and there were 10 people to stop it!”

Kiara Advani plays a Delhi based army brat in Fugly. The newcomer describes her character as “a very strong, very independent, very righteous girl who represents today’s young Indian woman.”

To go with the demands of her character, Kiara had to learn how to ride a bike, which was a daunting task for the actress. She laughs, “I am very girlie and love doing girlie things. Playing a tomboy in Fugly was an attempt to create a different me. I have never ridden a bike in my life but I had to learn for Fugly.”

Kiara reveals that the learning experience was not without its lighter side. She laughs: “I knew how to balance on the bike but I didn’t know how to start and stop. So someone would start the bike for me and there were 10 people to stop it. It was a fun experience.”
Anita Britto, Bollywood News Service



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