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Sidharth Malhotra talks about his grey shaded role in Ek Villain

Sidharth Malhotra says that playing a grey shaded role in his third film, Ek Villain, was a cathartic experience that helped him get in touch with his innermost feelings.

There is a time-honoured tradition in Bollywood in which most actors attempt grey-shaded roles at some stage of their careers. For Sidharth Malhotra, playing grey has come rather early in his career, but the actor says it was a liberating experience.

“I have all the pent-up energy within me because of all the criticism, all the rejection that I faced all these years … and I have tapped into that in Ek Villain,” Sidharth analyses. “The anger that I am expressing is coming from somewhere; it’s not fictional. My struggles have made me aware that there are good and bad people in the world. I keep joking with Mohit (Suri, the film’s director) that he has extracted 29 years of bhadas out of me. From parents’ issues to friends’ issues to school issues, coming to Mumbai issues and struggling issues, all the things that I have not said to people and done have all come out in Ek Villain.”

But it was not easy for Sidharth to get in touch with his feelings. “I had to take a therapy session to be able to scream, shout and break things. Earlier, I have made the mistake of keeping things within me. I still believe the quote that ‘Silence is the best friend that never lets you down’ but now I also like to share more, and be more upfront and proactive when it comes to saying what I am feeling. I am learning.”

Sidharth believes that a new age villain is one who “does not shy away from showing his bad side.” He adds: “I think all of us are too consumed in being good, sometimes it’s good to be a villain, and do what you feel like. I would like to believe that I have a villainous side to me.”

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