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Kareena Kapoor breaks silence on sister’s divorce

Witnessing a broken marriage is not something new to Kareena Kapoor Khan. She has seen it happen to her parents and now, most recently, to her sister as well. Yet, the very strong Bebo continues to believe in love and most the institution of marriage. She hasn’t given up yet.

In an interview to Economic Times, Kareena Kapoor breaks silence on her sister’s divorce, and also about her relationship with hubby Saif Ali Khan.

Taking about Karisma’s divorce, Kareena said, “I’m happy they parted ways and on a mutual note. I hope the kids don’t get affected much. I’m sure he’ll (Sunjay Kapur) be a good father and she’s a fantastic mother. That’s what counts.” She added, “Which break-up isn’t ugly? And the kids… that’s life. Things happen. You have to take it in your stride and be mature. Karisma is extremely dignified. I like the way the two have been dignified despite newspaper reports, for the sake of the kids.”

Kareena is not very keen on starting a family anytime soon. In fact the actress says, having a baby is plan C or D.
Says Bebo: “Every woman has that gene. But I can’t think of that now. Saif and I aren’t ready yet. I’m an extremely committed and passionate person. So if I’m having a baby, I’ll get into it totally. But it’s Plan C or D.”

Kareena shares a wonderful relationship with her husband. She says they are more like best friends. But Saif thinks otherwise.

“Love has different phases, but the important thing is to enjoy each others company and talk. When you can’t talk, it’s difficult. I feel Saif and I are best friends, but he always says, ‘We signed on as lovers, not friends.'”

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