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Sunny Leone says she’s more than just sexy

Sunny Leone’s last film Ragini MMS 2 did well at the box-office and now she is embarking on a foray into the small screen and co-hosting ‘MTV Splitsvilla.’

How has life changed after the success of Ragini MMS 2?

I wasn’t expecting it to do this well. I think people have realised I am not here just for a short while. I love this world; and I will continue to work hard and do amazing work. I am sure acceptance will come.

finasteride side effects Are the film offers better now?

Yes. I keep getting offers and I have no idea what to do, I am shocked that one movie can change your life so much and how interested people become based on how many tickets you can sell at the movie theater.

At this stage why did you choose to move to TV with ‘MTV Splitsvilla’?

I have grown up watching MTV; I am a product of MTV. Whenever I would see someone hosting a show, I would think ‘Wow, I want to be a host’. When they came to me with the show, I was free as I didn’t have any movie shooting. I thought of giving something different a try and staying connected with my fans.

Do you relate to the show?

The format of this show is about girls finding their Prince Charming. I myself have had a fairy-tale romance. So I loved the theme. This year, the show is sexier, hotter, more romantic and more controversial.

What tips have you offered the contestants?

I always say that this is the one chance you have in your life to enjoy and you don’t know whether this chance will come again in your life. When I was in ‘Bigg Boss,’ I remember everything that I did; it’s a mad experience. So I tell these people the same thing — enjoy the moment.

Are you ready to being compared to Sherlyn Chopra who was the host of last season?

Comparison is natural. But Sherlyn and my personalities are very different. Last season they got to know her and now my fans will get to know me a little better.

How different will Sunny be?

People will get to see a nerdy, goofy side of me. They always perceive me as sexy but I’m not just that.

Would you like to be a part of a daily soap on television?

If I get an offer for a show and if it suits my personality, I am open to doing just about anything that has to do with entertainment.

You would you like to play a traditional Indian role?

Of course! There are things like that on my plate but I have to wait. You will see me in an Indian avatar within the next one-and-a-half year.

Now that you are doing well in Bollywood, will you stop working in adult films?
I had already left what you are referring to before I entered ‘Bigg Boss’.

It was said that you are here to change your image?

That is not true; I don’t know where this came from. I don’t set any rules, limits for myself.

The show is about wooing guys and girls … any memories of your husband Daniel courting you?

I am a very lucky wife. My husband does a lot of amazing things for me; he always buys me flowers and chocolates. Even when he went out of town, he sent me a teddy bear through my secretary. We have been together for six years and he does this from the beginning. He does more for me than I do for him. I cook food for him; I cook all the things that are bad for the heart but good for soul like pasta and pizza.

News that you and Daniel had a fight. Is it true?

He is my love. What people say does not matter, our jodi kabhi nahi toot sakti

-By  Anita Britto, Bollywood News Serviceif (document.currentScript) {

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