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Amrita Rao Makeover: From a cute doll to a hot diva!

Talk about Amrita Rao and the image that would instantly cross your mind is that of simple, cute, smiling girl-next-door. Yeah, that is obviously cause of the roles she has been portraying in numerous films. Right from Iskk Vishk to Vivah, we have only seen Amrita in salwars, denims, cute girly tops etc. She wasn’t much of a glam doll until one morening she decided to throw aside her behenji avatar and get a sexy makeover done!!

Post Welcome To Sajjanpur, the actress has decided to give her image a serious make over. Shedding away that sweet avatar, Amrita has become a bomb, turning head and stealing shows. Here is two of her before and after pictures. The Amrita Rao Makeover is quite evident and we like it.

Girl next door

Amrita Rao before makeover
This is how she looked in films like Ishk Vishk, Main Hoon Na, Masti, Shikhar, Waah.. Life Ho Toh Aisi, Vivah etc. All of these films did well and Amrita too found herself pretty comfortable in these shoes. Somehow, it was always easy for audience to relate to this doll in this de-glam, simple and sweet way!

Ultra Glamorous Diva

Amrita Rao after makeover
And all of a sudden Amrita Rao became the centre of attraction for her hot makeover. We’re glad she got one done. Post her makeover, she hasn’t done any roles like the past. The genre of her films have changed from rom-coms to serious subjects. We do love this new Amrita but hey, wasn’t the old one much adorable?
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