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Akshay Kumar’s dream project sees the light

Akshay Kumar joined hands with Aditya Thackrey to launch an initiative to train women in martial arts for free as a part of self defense. “I had this plan for a very long time. I run my Karate classes also but this initiative is free of cost for women. It was my and Aditya’s dream to do this for women as they face so many problems in terms of safety, so this is a small little payback from us” said the excited Khiladi.

Akshay is one of the gentlemen in Bollywood and this time around the superstar is is reaching out to the masses especially all the women and has designed the course himself. Elaborating about the course Akshay said “We would teach women all about self defense. How to protect themselves from men and if required how to fight back. We prefer to train women in the outfits that they regularly wear while going out and build their comfort level. I have designed this month long course where women can reach upto a yellow belt in karate. Its commences from 29th June.”

Akshay is also trying his best to make sure that self defense is made a compulsory subject in all the schools for 3 years and wherever he goes whoever he meets Akshay always puts in a word for the same. So clearly we now have a Caring Kumar in B-town now.}

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