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Sonakshi Sinha Promoting Holiday: Best looks

Holiday lady Sonakshi Sinha seems to be loving the way she looks these days. The actress has lost oodles of weight since the last time we saw her on screen. She looks more fit ( yea, still on the chubby side) and much more pretty, undoubtedly.

Promoting her upcoming film Holiday, Sonakshi Sinha has been seen sporting different looks, trying our attires she never wore on before. Leaving behind the sarees and the salwars and gowns, she has moves on to gorgeous outfits and we’re so pleased with this change.

Here are two looks of Sonakshi Sinha that we liked the most. Check out Sonakshi Sinha promoting Holiday in some really good outfits.


In a white cropped top and a pink pleated skirt from Zara, she looked just breathtaking. We were so impressed to see her move out of her comfort zone and try something like this. Her simple hairdo compliments her outfit just so well.


Sonakshi Sinha(2)
Something quite similar to the previous look, Sonakshi Sinha looked pretty in Mirage by Parul Bhargava. This time she went in for a deep blue cropped top and a blush pink pleated skirt, once again revealing little but still making a bold statement. Her neck piece totally stands out.
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