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Priyanka Chopra slaps legal notice on ex boyfriend

Priyanka Chopra is mighty pissed with her ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant and has slapped a legal notice on him
to interrupt the biopic which is being made on her former manager, Prakash Jaju, which apparently will have real-life incidents related to PeeCee`s life. A copy of the same has been sent to Jaju as well.

The notice, sent by Priyanka’s lawyer Anand Desai states: “Our client is shocked to note that while all the news articles men tion the proposed film as your (Jaju’s) biopic, the promotions largely refer to our client and inclusion of aspects of her and her family life rather than references to you.
You are intending to collude with Mr Merchant in violation of our client’s rights, including right to privacy, defaming our client and lowering her reputation, seeking to subject her to hatred and ridicule.

It further said, Our client calls upon you to withdraw all the publicity material of the film with immediate effect, desist using or referring to any personal or confidential information about her and/or her family, desist from producing, releasing the proposed film and tender an unconditional apology to her.”

We had earlier reported that Aseem and Priyanka Chopra dated back in 2000, during the latter’s Miss World days. The producer recently launched a production house, Limelight Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd and is all set to produce the film, titled 67 Days, which is a “biopic of Priyanka’s exmanager Jaju”.

Prakash Jaju and Priyanka had an ugly fallout in 2004 so much so that Jaju was arrested.

Meanwhile, Aseem told a popular tabloid: “If she still has any objection, then we shall drop the film. I don’t want to hurt her sentiments. The film is about me, not Priyanka. She is just a chapter in that.”
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