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Gauri and Sussanne Khan’s friendship turning sour?

Yes, it looks like all is not very well between the star wives, Gauri Khan and Sussanne Khan. It is no big surprise that Sussanne’s marital status has changed. The Doe eyed beauty is now a single mother. We had also reported that ex Mrs Roshan’s maiden last name is back to being Khan. Now, the latest gossip that we hear is, Gauri and Sussanne Khan’s friendship has also turned sour because of reasons unknown.

We all know that Gauri and Sussanne had partnered for a real estate design project last year. But this year, last week however, Gauri launched yet another similar project in Dubai, sans Sussanne. The latter’s absence from the scene is what has sparked off rumors about an alleged tiff or misunderstanding, hence a sour friendship between the two.

More so, insiders reveal that Sussanne, who used to be a regular at Gauri’s girls night and parties, has been skipping all such occasions off late. Sussanne also missed Karan Johar’s birthday party this year.

Now, while Sussanne is rarely spotted with her once best buddy Gauri Khan, she is definitely hanging out quite often these days with Arjun Rampal and wife Mehr Rampal. This one’s a major indication of a terrific tiff, indeed.
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