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Esha Gupta has a secret man in her life

Working with Sajid Khan comes with many clauses: firstly, you definitely should not expect to be subtle. Actress Esha Gupta (of Jannat 2 and Raaz 3) says she is fully aware of that; and in fact says she is delighted to announce that she has overacted, as required in the film. She also clarifies on her turbulent equation with the director and co-star Tamannah. Read on.

For the record, who are you paired opposite in Humshakals?

I am paired opposite the crazy Saif.

What was it like to work with him?

Being a Saif fan, I was a bit star-struck in the beginning but he is cool, chivalrous and a true nawab. He is also very knowledgable; and I am not talking about his education. You can talk about anything with him. I hate gossiping about the film industry but I see many in the industry who can’t get enough of gossiping. That’s one reason I don’t have friends in the film industry. But with Saif, I could talk to him about anything – current events, sports.

Did Saif offer acting tips?

He and Ritesh have been very helpful. As a part of Sajid Khan’s films, you are needed not to react but overreact. That was difficult as first. However, both Saif and Ritesh kept telling me ‘ham ham’. So much so that now I am the queen of hamming… Okay not really, but I can ham now (laughs)!

And what was it like to be part of a Sajid Khan film?

I have had a grand time on this film. I can say Sajid Khan is back to being Sajid Khan with this film and that’s a good thing. Humshakals in a nice comedy and you will not need to use your brains much while watching it. There is a lot of craziness in Sajid Khan films usually; and this is crazier than the rest!

You do know that Sajid Khan’s films are usually panned by critics.

Who cares! You can either make a hit film and connect with everyone or make a very hard-hitting, acclaimed film and not make as much money. Everyone has their own genre and this one is a massy entertainer. Sajid makes larger-than-life films. Sajid’s films make people laugh. He has not made this for the critics. I can safely say that neither is this film for PhD students nor are we aiming for the National Awards.

There have been reports that you are upset with Sajid Khan for promoting Tamannaah more than you.

I cannot really comment on that. It is a director’s call and I think Sajid would be able to answer it best. I am hoping I am getting enough exposure and I have been at all promotional events so far.

Rumour has it that you did not get along with Tamannah.

We have always been cordial. She is a nice person and our moms would spend a lot of time together while we were busy working in Mauritius. There is no rivalry here.

This is your second film with Bipasha after Raaz 3.

I love Bipasha. I would not say she is my 4 am friend but I think she is cool and I admire her. She is very sporty.

Are you dating anyone?

Yes I am in a relationship with someone from outside the industry. I don’t like to talk about it. but that it is one reason why you may not hear about any linkups of mine.

Finally, what’s next?

I am in discussion for some films but I have not signed anything yet and hence cannot talk about it.

-By Noyon Jyoti Parasara, Bollywood News Service}

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