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Best comedy films of Paresh Rawal: He will make you ROFL!

After doing quite a lot of serious roles in films, Paresh rawal decided to give comic roles a try. And well, he did succeed. Today is remembered as one of Bollywood’s best comedians. This award winning actor has it in him to give you laughter riots.

Here are some of the best comedy films of Paresh Rawal. He knows how to make you laugh real hard! Actor Paresh Rawal is witty and talented.

Hera Pheri

Meet Baburao Ganpathrao Apte, a silly, easily cheated and also very adorable landlord! This film established Paresh Rawal as a comedian. He also won several awards for this film and this one particular character remains a favorite even today.


Welcome film
Paresh Rawal plays the role of Dr. Ghunghroo, a man trying to save his family from goons but is unsuccessful. This is where the plot of the whole film lies. The film was a success and the highlight of this film is Dr. Ghunghroo’s problem of unconsciously winking at people (read women).

Phir Hera Pheri

Phir hera pheri
Once again he plays the role of Baburao Ganpathrao Apte. In this sequel titles Phir Hera Pheri, he is seen being tossed and turned over by his friends for being silly. The film promises a very good laugh!!

Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge?

This film wasn’t a great hit but Paresh Rawal’s role was certainly praised. He plays the role of the ‘athithi‘ who just wont leave the hosts’ house. Sometimes intentionally and sometime just due to some circumstances.

OMG – Oh My God!

OMG oh my god
OMG- Oh My God! was a hit at the Box Office. The film revolves around the life of an atheist who has an encounter with God. He plays the role of the atheist and Akshay Kumar plays Lord Krishna in the film.document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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