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Two Akshay Kumar films in quick succession but star says he won’t manipulate

Two Akshay Kumar films are currently ready for release and have already started their individual promotional blitzkrieg. His Murugadoss-directed Holiday releases on June 6 while Its Entertainment will hit theatres a few weeks later. Films releasing in quick succession is a rare occurrence for major stars these days as they spend much energy on strategizing their film schedules.

Akshay states, “I would prefer at least a five months gap between my movies,” but explains how his films came to release so quickly on each other’s heels. “Boss released nine months back and I had no release after that. So I told Reliance and Vipul (Shah, the producer of Holiday) to release the film earlier like in March. But when they decided to come in June, I don’t pressurize them because they know their job. I had told It’s Entertainment to push the release date too but they had the same answer. Now their money is at stake so I cannot argue. I keep away from making any conflict with my producers because they are the best people to decide.”

The star says that had he wanted to do so, he could have manipulated his producers. “I could just tell them I won’t do your dubbing,” Akshay shrugs. “An actor can control it but that’s not me, I have never ever manipulated in my career.”

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