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Tiger Shroff is easily one of the most looked-forward-to debutants

Like a caged tiger freed, Tiger Shroff is finally bounding across the big screens! Tiger is easily one of the most looked-forward-to debutants in recent times. He has been in the news since he was 19 and has been tom-tommed as the newcomer to watch out for.

We watched his debut film Heropanti a day before its release and here is a balance sheet assessing his assets and liabilities.

Tiger’s introductory scene in the film is — you guessed right — an action sequence calling on him to bash up a dozen goons with consummate ease. Tiger has been primarily positioned as an action star with ‘Flexibility limitless’ and ‘Power: raw’. It is no secret the Tiger has been toiling on his martial arts skills since years; and they are on full display here – and so is his sculpted body. The director had accurately prophesised that his body will remind us of a young Salman Khan. Tiger scores a 10 on 10 in action.

In an age when one’s dancing prowess comes a close second to emoting abilities, courtesy Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor, Tiger is as lithe as his namesake in songs like ‘Aa raat bhar’ and the chartbuster ‘Whistle baja.’ But he still needs to get his facial muscles to be in sync with his nimble footwork. We would give him an 8 on 10 in dancing.

Heropanti does not demand histrionics from Tiger. His character’s most distinctive trait is fearlessness. Tiger passes the test. But there are nine tangible emotions and Tiger’s acting appears suspect in scenes where he is required to do other than look fearless and throw around high kicks. His dialogue delivery is his Achilles’ heel and his Hindi needs to be honed. He desperately needs to work on the other eight expressions to match an impressive eight-pack body.

Screen Presence
Tiger’s most endearing traits are his innocent appeal and youthfulness. His screen presence is a bit rough on the edges but with a dab of polish can become his asset. He has energy but it is unharnessed at the moment.

Final Result
If Tiger Shroff can hold onto his earnestness despite the fact that he has got an equal share of brickbats and bouquets, he will get more chances to showcase his talent. His voice is a major area of concern – ironically his rugged, impactful voice was his father Jackie Shroff’s prime asset. Till then, Tiger will have to contend with action roles.

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