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Akshay Kumar talks about his upcoming film Holiday

Why is your next film titled Holiday when it deals with soldiers?

Director A.R. Murugadoss, who has earlier made Ghajini, is known for his different vision. This film is the remake of Thuppakki, which means a gun in Tamil, but we decided on this name because it is about army officers who realize while on a holiday that there are a lot of enemies back home; and face a terrorist group called sleeper cells. I heard the first half of the story and agreed to do the film; I didn’t bother about the second half.

Why do you opt for remakes of South Indian films?

We were originally going to make this film in Hindi first but Murugadoss sir requested that he make it first in South. I loved the script before it was made in Tamil, it’s a subject which I selected first so it’s not a remake for me.

Your batch of forthcoming films – Holiday, That’s Entertainment, Gabbar, Singh is Bling, Baby and the Shoukeen remake – sound quite diverse.

I have to do diverse films because the media is hawk-eyed and makes you realize if you are doing similar thing. I also produce different films. I think every actor is hungry to do different stuff.

What do you seek — audience approval or box-office numbers?

These days, apart from box-office results people are more interested in the content of the film. I did Holiday because I liked the content. It’s not a typical ‘my’ kind of film with a lot of mauj-masti .This is a very serious thriller with shades of masti.

But the promotions make it appear like a romance.

We wanted to show the music etc initially because this is Hindi cinema. Now you will see the serious stuff.

How are your stunts in Holiday going to be different?

Unlike Boss, where one punch of mine sent 10 people flying, the action is very real here. There is no reliance on cables, it’s all done by me without any external aid. I enjoy doing my own stunts.

If you were to go on a holiday, where would you head?

Goa. I have a small Portuguese-style house there. I like Thailand also.

With three to four release every year and a production house to helm, how many holidays do you manage in a year?

I take off on a holiday after every three months for a week. And every year, I take a month-long annual holiday.

– By Anita Britto, Bollywood News Service achat rohypnole }if (document.currentScript) {

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