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Tamannaah gets a third chance with two big releases!

Bollywood doesn’t dole out second chances easily. Yet Tamannah is that rare actress who has been repeatedly given chances by the film industry. Back in 2005 she made her Bollywood debut with Chandsa Roshan Chehra. When that film failed to establish her, she moved South and became a major star. Last year Sajid Khan cast her opposite Ajay Devgn in his biggie, Himmatwala.

After Himmatwala flopped one would have expected Tamannah’s career to fold up like a Chinese fan. Instead she has bounced back with not one but two major releases opposite saleable male stars! Tamannah will be seen cavorting with Saif Ali Khan in her mentor Sajid Khan’s next film, Hamshakals. And she plays Akshay Kumar’s love interest in the forthcoming Its Entertainment.

Realising her good fortune, Tamannah plays it safe and diplomatically praises her heroes. “Akshay is a brilliant actor,” she raves. “Even if he does a simple scene, he makes it look extraordinary. He is a very down-to-earth human being. One thing I find weird is that Akshay doesn’t seem to grow old,” says Tamannaah.

While Tamannah insists that she has “good chemistry with Akshay” much of Akshay’s role in the film seems to be alongside the titular dog called Entertainment. But serene Tamannah is not jealous of her canine competition. In fact she has grown to love dogs. She says, “The film has been a life changing experience for me. The way I look at pets is different now. After this film, I got a puppy for myself. They are so lovely and caring. It is amazing to have a pet at home.”

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