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Hrithik Roshan’s fan-mania in Abu Dhabi

There is huge fan following of B’wood’s own ‘Greek God’ aka Hrithik Roshan not only in India but abroad also! This experienced when Hrithik was shoting in Abu Dhabi.

The actor was shooting an action chase sequence in Corniche, Abu Dhabi last week where one side of the street leading up to Marina Mall and the Breakwater were closed off for a “high-speed chase”. An Indian couple with their three-year-old boy in tow were on the Corniche braving the heat and hoping to catch a glimpse of the lead stars.“I’m here for my wife,” said the husband, who did not give his name. “She is crazy about Hrithik. I think we are going to be here all day. What a way to spend the weekend.”

Another family, complete with caps and bottles of water, stood patiently near by, asking crew for information and standing outside Hrithik’s vanity all day.

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