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Samrat & Co. actress, Madalasa Sharma talks about her journey and dreams

Was acting always on your mind when you picked up a career?

Acting was in my mind and body even before I picked up this career. My mother tells me, as a child even while crying I would look at myself in the mirror! Lol!

Is there anything in particular that you look for when you sign up a role?

I look at it like a dish in a whole some meal. How well it is cooked, dressed, presented and how it belongs to the rest of the dishes.

You have done films in the South and now you have entered Bollywood. Tell us about your experiences in the South?

In south, it is more challenging when you have to express your true feelings while speaking gibberish. Otherwise it is fun like here. Because of language barrier, there it is “talk less work more”.

Were your folks skeptical when you decided on this career?

Not at all! My parents are both from the film industry. So have faced the music much before. And of course they were more aware of my talent than I was of myself.

Your mother is well established in the film industry. Did this make a difference to your foray in films too?

Yes of course. In the sense, that I knew the way, But ‘walking’ I have to do on my own feet.

How has the journey been so far?

Good. But satisfaction is sort of full-stop, I like commas and so continuing.

What made you choose your last film?

Like I said before, I liked the whole meal. Rajshri Productions is an exotic place to be in and I relished whatever is offered to me. I am over satisfied by Samrat & Co.

What is next on your agenda?

I would like to do a bigger film with bigger challenges, where I can contest with myself.

What kind of projects are you looking to work in now?

I am fortunate to be starting my career in these times when Indian cinema is in the exploring and innovating mode. So I wait to grab my share of bounty.

Many actresses are also doing television now. Are you open to doing television too and in what way?

I have great regard for TV shows, but I would like to do it in the ways of Big B or Mr. Aamir Khan.

Do tell us what you do to stay fit?

Little work out, little food and loads of Masti.

What does Madalsa like doing in her free time?

Music, Masti and Mazaak

Life to Madalsa means…

Live life king-size and leave your mark behind. Masti with a Maqsad!

Words of advice to young girls who want to enter showbiz…

I am a young girl myself who has been just given some advices. Let me try them first.

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