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Nobody can outsmart Kamaal R Khan. He’s the boss! LOL

Some people try so hard to become superstars but fail miserably. One such person is Bollywood’s darling Kamaal R Khan. He love attention, be it for good (very rarely) or for bad reasons. This dude has a comment for every single thing that does and doesn’t concern him. His eager replies, unwanted statements and praises for himself give Bollywood and the rest of the world a good laugh.

Kamaal R Khan can be called a self-fanatic. The actor calls himself ‘KRK’ and doesn’t mind comparing himself to the actual super star SRK. Only one film of the actor Deshdrohi had released and this man seems to know no end of himself.

His only way of contact with the media is social networking site Twitter and trust me, his posts are beyond hilarious. Sometimes he will leave you wondering which planet he has arrived from and the other times you will just not want to try and understand what’s running on this superstar’s mind.

Here are some of his hilarious tweets over the past few days.
Courtesy: Twitter.

Today Me Me Me KRK is such a big star tat if I say something then ppl start blaming n abusing SRK. Wow! What a Jalwa of KRK! (sic)
Errr.. sorry, what??

I have booked my flight for tomorrow so if #BJP will get BAHUMAT then I will leave India forever. (sic)
How about we help you pack your bags, sir?

“You Twitter bloody crap idiot. How dare you to ask me to Follow most dirty lady on planet Poonam Pandey? Chullu bhar pani main doob maro. (sic)
Hahaha. Aap toh dhood ke dhule ho na?

Boys are also idiots who are not listening me. Be miles away from fraud girls n be friend with only nice n sweet girls like @ParineetiChopra (sic)
Smart advice, thank you..

“I want to make Deshdrohi2 in 6D because people will enjoy more of Sunny Leone acting ya ya ya oh ya come on beep beep beep (sic).”

“I request to Digvijay Singh Ji to have a strip show of Sunny Leone in the function of his marriage and I will pay Rs 1 crore to the Congress party fund. (sic)”

“I want to ask only one question to @priyankachopra ji Madam ji are you also virgin like Rakhi Sawant? #JustAsking(sic).”
Hi, We’re already pretty much grossed out by you. Kthanksbye.

“If Mahesh bhatt president n Ekta kapoor is PM of india then every morning 1000 of porn stars like sunny leone will do parade at india gate (sic).”
Well at least those porn stars are more valued that you Mr. KRK.

“Ye lo buddhi Madhuri Dixit will again try to become no1 actress. Madam Ji just learn something from intelligent Sridevi Ji n accept reality. (sic)”
Excuse me, buddhi kisko bola.

“This is invitation of #GoldAwards so I say to them- Me Me Me KRK doesn’t attend crap fake Bikaoo awards functions. (sic)”
Your absence shall be appreciated.

I am really surprised tat some ppl disrespect the no.1 critic n handsome star ME ME ME KRK. Unbelievable! (sic)
Oh your highness! Forgive us.

“Waqt kabhi bhi badal saktaa. Example is Vidya Balan. Jawani main flop with serials and budhape main hit as a successful heroine.(sic).”
Aur aapka kya?

“Good morning and kiss to hot n sexy deepika padukone n kick to buddhi heroine Asin (sic).”
The world revolves around your good morning and good night kisses, I tell you.

“Everybody knows that Shah Rukh Khan is a bad dancer, but in Chammak Challo, his steps are the worst till date! He looks so awkward and uncomfortable. I wonder, what made him do that at this age (sic)”.
And you must be turning 27 now, yeah?

“I am as big super star as Rajnikanth because he has his fans around the world n I have my haters around the world. (sic)”
That’s it. We’ve had enough!

And if you thought this was lame and vulgar, well, we’ve filtered his hideous tweets for you. Some of them are beyond disgusting. The best part about all of this is that nobody, not a single soul that he has made remarks about, cares!

So Mr. Kamaal Rashid Khan, continue what you’re doing. We’re kind of enjoying.

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