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Himesh Reshammiya Album Songs

There was a time when the world (read girls) went gaga over Himesh Reshammiya. That was the time he stepped in front of the camera and had an usual way of singing. His nasal voice, his signature cap and his style of holding a mic and singing caught craze instantly.

He released his first and most famous album “Aap Ka Suroor” in the year 2006. Although it has been 8 years since then, the songs from this album atill remain a favorite.

Tera Suroor

Tera Suroor is the title track of the album Aap Ka Suroor. The song became an instant hit when it released due to the novelty and freshness of the artist and the music.

Naam Hain tera

Okay, so how many of y’all know that the video stars Deepika Padukone and it is only after this video that she got noticed and selected? Well this song is undoubtedly a winner for it brilliant composition.

Samjho Na

A very soothing number, Samjho Na happens to be a favorite for most listeners. It has a catchy rythm and a tune that will not leave your lips.

I Love You Sayyoni

I love You Sayyoni is probably the most ‘out-of-the-place’ track from the album. It has some absurd lyrics like “I Love You Sayyoni, Koi Shaq? What’s up?” sovradosaggio di viagra . Most of it deosnt even make sense.

Tu Yaad Na Aaye

This song is picturized on a sad Himesh Reshammiya remembering his dear love who is no more alive. Although the track starts on a melancholic tune, it ends up having a fast beat to it.}} else {

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