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Heropanti actor adopts Tiger

Heropanti actor, Tiger Shroff has always been fascinated by the ferocious, handsome and majestic Royal Bengal tigers. In fact he is inspired by the animal’s strength, agility and power that are unfortunately reducing in number.

The actor strongly believes that tigers are a unique blend of beauty, fearlessness and power. Tiger Shroff has now legally adopted a tiger called ‘Jaan’, who is 4 year old male tiger living in a natural habitat in Nagpur.

He has personally selected ‘Jaan’. Tiger Shroff wants to contribute to the well being of tigers in the country in what ever manner possible. Tiger Shroff felt that adopting a tiger was a great way to show support to the wildlife conservation.

Tiger Shroff says, “Similarity of the name not withstanding, i don’t think there is any other animal as majestic as a tiger. Perhaps it is the only being that combines beauty, fearlessness and power. They must be saved and nurtured.”

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