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Boney Kapoor survives a horrible car accident

Sridevi’s husband, producer Boney Kapoor, met with a major car accident yesterday, Wednesday, while on his way to Wai, where his film ‘Tevar’ is being shot. It was a head-on collision with a tractor.

Fortunately, Boney suffered minor injuries and so did his driver, thanks to the air bag which opened right on time. However, Boney’s boy, who was seated back seat was injured a bit bad owing to sudden jerks. His neck is said to have experienced the jerks.

Boney confirmed the news, “The accident was really major but we all were safe as the air bags opened up on time.”

“Boney was on his way to Wahi where his film ‘Tevar’ is being shot. His driver was driving the car and suddenly they met with an accident with a tractor. Though Boney has a minor injury in his back, he is absolutely fine… nothing serious at all. The accident took place close to 9 p.m.,” Punkej Kharbanda, manager of Sridevi Kapoor, told.

“His driver also had a minor injury and Boney Kapoor’s boy who was sitting in the back seat was injured a bit because of the sudden jerk,” he said.

The front part of the car however, is recognition. The incident took place on the Satara highway, “but thankfully all three of them are fine”, he added.

Boney and the boys have safely reached ‘Wahi’ in another car.

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