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This Bollywood dusky beauty is getting fairer these days! But how?

She is one Bollywood actress we’ve loved for years now and will love her for a thousand more. She may not be the most beautiful woman in Bollywood, but she sure is one of the most talented ones when it comes to acting.

Okay, we are not saying she’s not beautiful. She’s gorgeous – dusky complexion, a killer and infectious smile, big eyes… we can go on and on and on. And while most of us admire this Bollywood dusky beauty for her stunning features, looks like she is not very happy about her image.

If rumors are to be believed, this Bollywood actress may have undergone a skin melanin surgery to look fairer. And while we are not really sure, her recent pictures does serve as proof.

At a recent event in Mumbai, the actress’s skin tone was what caught maximum eyeballs. Besides glowing (which was always the case), she looked fair, very fair like never before. In a source’s words, “she could be the potential new ambassador for Fair & lovely”.

Well, whatever may be the reason for this sudden change, if undergoing a surgery is what makes her happy, so be it. We are happy for you too.

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  1. priyanka

    May 15, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    You are so stupid to make this some kind of gossip. A lot of people lose colour with age. I believe Kajol is one of those people. You will know from her interviews that she is not a vain person, in fact, she comes across rather arrogant most times.

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