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Angry Shahid Kapoor shouts at a photographer

Remember Ranbir Kapoor’s fight with a photographer, where the former snatched away the latter’s video camera in anger? Well, history repeated itself two nights ago, but this time around it was Shahid Kapoor and not RK.

Yes, the Kaminey actor got into a tiff with a photographer, who was constantly following him on his bike. Shahid was spotted entering his new flat in Juhu, with a mystery lady, when he spotted this photographer, who dared to follow the actor till his home.

So what happened next?

Well, Shahid came out of his home, called for the photographer, and told him that if this trailing continues, he will stop his entry into events.

Apparently, this media person nearly got nicked by Shahid’s vehicle when it swerved too close to click pics.

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