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Shahid Kapoor abused Priyanka Chopra at the 15th IIFA awards

Yes, what you just read is true. While we saw a lot of actors bonding over selfies at the recently concluded IIFA awards, all wasn’t as great as it was portrayed. There were catfights and a couple of cold wars as well.

If what we heard is true, Shahid and Priyanka, who once upon a time were a romantic couple, got into a war of words at the International event. Apparently, a day before the main event, Priyanka Chopra, who was already rehearsing on stage made Shahid wait for almost an hour. The actress apparently walked in late and so took extra time to practice, not knowing Shahid was next in line.

Lacking patience, the ‘R…Rajkumar’ actor lost his cool, took the mike and went ahead to abuse Priyanka. He also abused the organizers of the event for not saying anything. As per sources, Shahid is a short-tempered person and very particular about time and rehearsals. He was in good mood as he entered the hall for the rehearsals, until the incident happened.

It was obvious that Priyanka and the organizers understood what happened. A shocked PeeCee chose to walk out without saying anything.

That was not it. Apparently, Shahid did not respond very well after Priyanka’s ‘Exotic’ performance.

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