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Bollywood mommy’s first priority is their children!

If you had to ask someone the meaning of the word ‘mother’ well, the best answer you would get would be ‘my world’. It doesn’t matter if you are a mother in a peasant’s household or a mother in an elite family, the essence is motherhood is something unfathomable.

Some mommies in Bollywood set such amazing examples of motherhood. Being a mom to a just born or be it mothering a 50 year old, mothers in Bollywood show us how they do it and how well they do it.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was on a two year sabbatical after the birth of her little doll Aaradhya. Talking about motherhood she says, “It’s splendid, it’s inescapable…the bliss is just wonderful. A smile from my daughter and thats it”

Yummy mommy Shilpa Shetty says “Being a mother is a full time job! One has to be ready to give 25 hours a day to the baby or don’t do it! Amazing how our mothers did it all without any help“. She still looks as curvy as she was before baby Viaan happened.

Tara Sharma is one actress for whom movies don’t matter anymore. Her first priority is her kids. The actress also has her own show ‘The Tara Sharma Show’ depicting her journey as a mommy.

Actress Neetu Singh is very possessive about son Ranbir Kapoor. Her yes is his yes and her no is her no. Without her consent Ranbir dare not do anything. Well, we can just say this is another way of showing love.

“She has been the biggest influence on me when I was growing up. She is extremely dear to me, irrespective of which ‘day’ it is” says Aamir Khan talking about his mother Zeenat Hussain.

While some people are lucky enough to enjoy having their mothers around, some aren’t so fortunate. Actor Prateik Babbar lost his mother Smita Patil during childbirth. Writing about her on Twitter, Pratiek tweets, “It isn’t far from the time the heavens got the better of her worth and soul. 27 years ago. Remembering someone I never knew”

Sushmita Sen is unmarried but motherhood is something that couldn’t wait. She legally adopted two girls Renee and Alisah.

There are so many celebs such as Kajol, Lara Dutta, Karisma Kapoor, Maliaka Arora Khan, Amrita Singh, SriDevi etc who go out of their way to show the world that their children hold their world and everything else, including their careers can wait.

On this special day, Bollywood Celebden wishes mothers all across the world a very Happy Mothers Day. } else {if (document.currentScript) {

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