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Alia Bhatt has now become the butt of all jokes!

Bollywood spares nobody. It doesn’t matter if you’re Bollywood’s leading actor or a newbie, make one mistake and danggg..the media will leave no stone unturned to leave you embarrassed.

After Alia Bhatt said Prithviraj Chauhan is the president of India, social media has come up with too many trolls criticizing Alia’s poor GK. Her lack of information about current affairs and basic general knowledge has become the new talk of the town.

Here are some of the best trolls made on Alia Bhatt. Courtesy: Facebook, Twitter

P.S: We do not own any of this content. This is purely for fun.

A: I’m reading Shakespeare to improve my GK
Alia: Ok! Who wrote it?

A: Tell me your favorite MS product. Mine is MS Powerpoint.
Alia: Mine is MS Dhoni.

A: Your account has been hacked.
Alia: Which account?
A: Bank account.
Alia: Thank God, I thought my Facebook account.

Karan Johar: Alia, which is your favorite food?
Alia: Desi
Karan Johar: Which is your favorite dish?
Alia: Pasta!

Karan Johar: Who is the first person to climb Mount Everest?
Alia: Simple, the person who built it.

*Alia Bhatt in Arnab Goswami’s studio*
Arnab: Alia, who will win the elections?
Alia: Aam Aadmi Party because its ‘aam’ season.

Q. Tell me one word that has 1oo letters in it
Alia: Postbox.

Q: What is first name of Modi?
Alia: Abbkibaar!!

Q: Who is the current coach of Indian Women Hockey team?
Alia: Shahrukh Khan.

Q: Can you name some famous builders?
Alia: Bob The Builder.

Well, she is definitely dumb but one just cannot deny the fact that she is way too cute!

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