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Koyelaanchal: Preview and Prediction

With no major films releasing this weekend, the only option movie buffs are left with is Koyelaanchal. The film has no contemporary stars or big names except for Vinod Khanna and Sunil Shetty.

After a great set of films that have released over the past few weeks, this film somehow seems like a party pooper. With due respect to the makers and actors of this film, Koyelaanchal doesn’t look any interesting and barely manages to capture our attention.

Releasing on the 9th of May, this film is made on the age old storyline of ‘truth triumphs over lies’. The story sees a young officer (Sunil Shetty) questioning a baddie (Vinod Khanna) about the hows and whats of the village the former has been ruling over. Things take a nasty turn when rivalry creeps up giving way to bloodshed and violence.

Talking about the film, actor Vinod Khanna says the film has a great story and needs to be pushed in order to gain better publicity. The story of this film is based on real life incidents of the coal mafia.

Makes us wonder if it is the lack of good scripts and big banner films that veteran actor Vinod Khanna and superstar of the 80s and 90s, Sunil Shetty had to take this film up.

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