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Best of Alia Bhatt & Parineeti Chopra on the sets of Koffee With Karan

This episode of Koffee With Karan Season 4 was definitely a treat to watch. After beauties Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra graced the couch, it was Alia Bhatt & Parineeti Chopra’s turn to give the audience a great time.

Both the divas looked gorgeous in their outfits. While Parineeti chose a blue off-shoulder gown, Alia decided to go for a more relaxed black gown. The episode showed the two ladies bonding and having a great time with each other and the host of the show Karan Johar.

While Parineeti looked nervous and hyper at her KWK debut, Alia was much more composed and calm. This is Alia’s second time on the show, the first being with Student Of The Year co-stars. If you missed it, here is a sneak peak into the episode.

Here are some quirky moments we thought you would enjoy..

During the Koffee Quiz–
Parineeti: Can’t we just say the answer?
Alia: No, you’ve to buzz… You can’t scream, you’re very loud, Don’t scream.
Parineeti: *blushing* Oh shit!

Before the rapid fire round–
“Ok wait, I have to give a disclaimer… ‘Main jo bhi kahoongi hamper ke liye kahoongi, hamper ke sivaye kuch bhi nahi sochungi”

Karan: Who are those two people you would like to compete for you in your swayamvar?
Parineeti: Bradley Cooper and Kamaal R Khan. Kamaal R Khan would win!

Karan: An unforgettable pickup line used on you
Alia: Is your father a terrorist cause you’re a bomb

Karan: How would you react if a senior actor made a pass at you?
Parineeti: Depends on who it was.

Karan: Have you ever kissed someone and regretted it?
Alia: Yes

Karan: One thing you’d like tell people who comment on your fashion sense
Parineeti: Speak to Alia

On winning the hamper–
Parineeti: This is very heavy
Karan: It is very heavy weight. Because you’re a heavy weight.
Parineeti: Excuse me
Karan: Pun not intended.

Alia: “Whenever she (Parineeti) is most comfortable she looks her best. Whenever she is trying to be somebody, it goes off.”

Karan: “She(Alia Bhatt) has done her GK although she is looking very GQ tonight”

Well this was it. For the complete episode, click on the link below.
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