Kangana Ranaut GQ photoshoot: Too hot to handle!

Kangana Ranaut, who showed us the sweet, lovable and introvert side of her in her movie Queen, now sheds all inhibitions and clothes showing us her sexual, naughty side in her latest photoshoot for the GQ magazine.

Her latest film Revolver Rani saw Kangs flaunting some bizarre fashion, one of them being her much talked about metalic bra. The fearless Rani repeats the same, but this time around, a smoking hot black lingerie and transparent overcoat covering her slender frame. The babe is also seen puffing away a cigarette in the GQ photoshoot.

The fashion queen is known for her daring and risque avatars time an again, and time too she dared to step into stockings and a corset, for the lens. Truly, it’s her courage that accounts her to be one of best fashionistas of B’wood.

Have a look at Kangana Ranaut GQ photoshoot. Boy, she is steamy hot to handle.

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