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Mishal ‘Dutta Bhau’ Raheja Is Back With Two TV Shows

Datta Bhau of ‘Lagee Tujhse Lagan’ fame returns to TV with two major projects.

You won acclaim as Dutta Bhau in ‘Lagee Tujse Lagan’ but we did not see you on TV thereafter. What kept you busy?

I shot a film called Budget Trip which is currently in post production. This year I have started doing TV again. I don’t think I found anything interesting in the middle.

You are doing the TV show ‘Encounter’.

‘Encounter’ excited me because there were bombs, gangsters, murder sequences, jumping off buildings, firing … you don’t get to see much of these on TV so I thought it will be fun to do this show. Also I am a big action film buff. I loved watching Al Pacino in Scarface and Amitabh in Kaalia, Naseeb and Ajooba.

Ajooba is an unusual choice.

I love costume dramas and mythological films. I have seen the Salman-Sridevi starrer, Chadramukhi as many as 30 times.

Manoj Bajpai also stars on ‘Encounter’. Have you encountered him on the sets yet?

No we have been shooting only for three days now, so not yet. Manoj Bajpai is the narrator.

Another of your new TV projects is a short film for MTV with Nikhil Advani.

Nikhil is the producer and is creatively involved on the project because the director Kaashvi Nair was his Chief AD. After a film like D-Day, any actor who hears Nikil Advani’s name will jump at the opportunity and I jumped twice. Kaashvi is a prodigy.

What is Nikhil’s project about?

It’s a triangular love story — I playing a lawyer and the other guy is a politician. The girl is about to get engaged to the other guy but things go haywire and she ends up falling in love with my character. It’s a quintessential Indian love story.

You have returned to television after a gap. Did you find any change?

Well not really, no big changes as such. Actually, it pretty much varies from project to project.

Do you still carry your gym along with you on the sets?

Yes; actually I live very far from the studios so I take an hour-and-a-half to reach home. It makes more sense to exercise on the sets.

What about coming back to a mainstream shows?

Actually, I wasn’t getting anything good in a substantial role. So far I was been offered all run-of-the-mills dramas. I am not against them — ‘Lagi Tujhse’ was a drama. It depends on the project — if it’s not exciting but the same old thing then you don’t feel like doing it. As an actor, I find it gets vapid and lifeless after a while.

What are your long term plans?

I would like to enter into the hospitality business and politics. I would also like to extend the reach of our company Party Hard Drivers — we are already in Pune and now we are moving to Bangalore; and from there it will be Delhi and Kolkata.

What about settling down?

No plans for marriage right now. I have lots of things to do, I have to make my career first and only then I will marry.

– By Anita Britto, Bollywood News Service

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