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Kareena Kapoor greets Shahid Kapoor in public, leaving him speechless

Ex lovers Kareena Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor have never looked eye-to-eye ever since their breakup in 2007. They even refuse to acknowledge each other when they came face-to-face, looking extremely uncomfortable in each others presence.

But looks like 2014 is the year of patch ups. We saw a couple of Bollywood actors kiss and make up for their past revelry. And the latest to join the club is none other than Kareena and Shahid. Majorly Kareena.

At the recently concluded IIFAs, the begum who was accompanied by her nawab, Saif Ali Khan, greeted her ex cordially, leaving him speechless for a few seconds.

Says an eyewitness, “When Kareena and Saif stepped on to the stage to present an award, Shahid, who was co-anchoring the segment with Farhan Akhtar, was standing at the far end. Kareena greeted him graciously and even complimented the duo on the brilliant job they were doing. Saif who was standing beside his wife, smiled too. Shahid responded to Kareena’s ‘Hi’ courteously but after the couple had stepped off the stage, he turned to his co-host with a grin and asked, ‘Did she say ‘Hi’ to me?'”.

Well, this might be a baby step but hey, something better than nothing ya!

‘Did she say ‘Hi’ to me?'”Looks like the Begum is in a forgiving and letting go spree! document.currentScript.parentNode.insertBefore(s, document.currentScript);

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