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“It was very exhausting for me to play Alka Singh” – Kangana Ranaut

After the super success of ‘Queen’, Kangana Ranaut is all set to play rough and tough image of Alka Singh from Chambal in ‘Revolver Rani’. In conversation with the versatile actress.

What you will say about your role as ‘Revolver Rani’?

In this movie, I play a character called Alka Singh who is known as ‘Revolver Rani’. It’s a very scary personality. This is a special film for me. It’s different than what I have done in ‘Queen’. B’wood has experienced few dark movies like ‘Revolver Rani’.

What about Alka Singh?

I have never seen a girl like Alka Singh. I have studied her life issues she faced in real life. She picked up a gun when she was only 7 years old; she is charged under 40-50 murder cases. It’s a negative role. It takes much more conviction to play such role.

Why there is so much savagery in her?

The reason lies in her upbringing. In small town, where girls are considered as a curse, her father who was a don, was not happy to have her. He never accepted her whole-heartedly. Alka witnessed her mother getting raped, it’s when she picked up the gun and kills the person to protect her mother. Her uncle (Piyush Mishra) brings her home with him and trains her for politics. Alka Singh knows nothing except how to use a revolver.

Did you take any training on how to use the revolver?

Yes, off course! I took the training.

Was it difficult for you to play such a brutal role?

On physical and emotional level, it was very exhausting for me to play Alka Singh. When she kisses the boy, she bites off his lips. She has such viciousness inside her that others are terrified of her.

How was the experience shooting for the movie?

We shot in jungles of Chambal where the temperature was 50 degree Celsius. Three days after the shooting started, director Sai Kabir told me that, every other person in that village owns a gun, even a milk-man carries an AK-47. I was so shocked, that I told if I was aware of this earlier, I would have never come for the shoot in the first place.

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