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“My name is Sussanne Roshan”, stresses Hrithik’s wife

Sussanne Roshan has always surprised us with every move of hers. Right from when she tied the knot to Hrithik, to the day she announced her separation with him and even after that, Sussanne is only leaving the media hunting for their jaws.

Post the split when all of us though Sussanne would lock herself inside gorging on cheesecakes and watching chick flicks all day long, the beauty was spotted in high spirits, attending various events and socializing at various parties. With every recent interview, Sussanne only showed progress indicating she has moved on.

Get ready for yet another surprise. We recently saw Sussanne’s matching tattoo with Hrithik, the six-point star, a bit altered. And just when we thought she doesn’t want nothing in common with him, and has moved on completely, she springs up another eyebrow raiser.

At a recent event, Sussanne was asked what surname is she using presently, to which she sternly replied, “Sussanne Roshan, of course.”

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