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Revolver Rani music review – One of a kind

Music: Sanjeev Srivastava

Lyrics: Puneet Sharma and Shaheen Iqbal

Singers: shelf life of viagra Anweshaa Dutta Gupta, Avi Dutta, Garima Aneja, Sameera, Gorisa, Keka, Manjeera, Saleem Javed, Moin Sabri, Sanjeev Srivastava, Abhishek Mukherjee, Mayur Vyas, Rahul Gandhi, Piyush Mishra, Asha Bhosle, Rekha Bhardwaj and Usha Uthup

Verdict: 4 out of 5

Revolver Rani music review

Revolver Rani looks like an offbeat, Kangana-style movie and the music by Sanjeev Srivatsav is as good as Kangana’s seemingly good performance. For one thing, he brings in every musical flavor that you could possibly imagine, making the album a mix and match of romance, violence, humor and a lot of other surprises. The album has got 13 songs each one unique in its own way.

Revolver Rani: This is the powerful and intense title track of Revolver Rani and choosing Usha Uthap to sing it was a brilliant idea. No one else could have brought in that depth and intensity to the song. It was made completely in the 70’s style using a lot of saxophone. The funny lyrics bring in a lightness to the otherwise heavy number.

Thaayein Kare Katta: With all the peppy beats and the catchy lyrics Thaayein Kare Katta is another number that’s going to stand out in the album. Piyush Sharma has sung it just right adding all that slang that was needed to make Thaayein Kare Katta perfect.

Chal Lade Re Bhaiya: You would probably have never heard a gangster song that was made with the Punjabi hip-hop beats, until you’ve heard Chal Lade Re Bhaiya, that is. It is a total hip hop number with lyrics that are the only thing violent about the song. Mayur Vyas and Abhishek Mukherjee have given their voice and have done a great job at that.

Sulgi Hui Hain Raakh: Probably the only song in all of the album that resembles the contemporary music. Sanjeev Srivatsava himself has lent his voice to this post-heartbreak song and has sung it brilliantly, with lots of emotion and pain. Gorisa’s is another voice that you’ll hear in the background.

Kaafi Nahi Chand: Making up for the lack of romantic numbers in the album, Kaafi Nahi Chaand which was sung by Asha Bhonsle in the complete 60’s and 70’s style is slow, beautiful and extremely romantic.

Banna Banni: A Sangeet ceremony song that will remind you of the country side weddings that have people singing at random. The peppy beats of the song is what you’ll love in it the most, not to mention Rekha Bharadwaj’s deep and heavy voice that fits perfectly to the song.

I am Brutal: Just like the title says, the song is kind of brutal too, with Sanjeev Srivatsav himself growling the whole song with lots of energy. The lyrics are good too, a little bit funny and a little bit violent. Another very intense number describing how atrocious Revolver Rani is.

Saawan Ki Aye Hawa: What seems like a girl singing for her lover to return home or something like that, this romantic and peppy song has been sung by Garima Aneja. We wonder where this song fits in into this movie though, what with Kangana’s role being the exact opposite of the girl from the song.

Bol Rahi Hain Payal: A song that’s going to remind you of one of those songs from the 80’s or 90’s which were used to introduce the heroines of the movie or something like that. The lyrics are so 80’s that they sound funny but the beats are good. Avi Dutta and Anwesha Dutta have lent their sweet and husky voices to it.

Chanda Ki Katori Hain: A very slow lullaby like song that bears a resemblance to some of A.R.Rahman’s songs of the past. There are two versions, the female version sung by Garima Aneja and the male version sung by Piyush Mishra both very beautiful and melodious.

Pehle Lohe Ki Chingaari: Sameera, Gorisa, Keka and Manjeera have all sung this intense song that is all about fighting and violence. It is kind of fast and has an opera-like music in the background. The lyrics are violent too making it another perfect gangster song of the album.

We mix you Michael Jackson: Something like a tribute to Michael Jackson, We mix you Michael Jackson is like one of those Punjabi folk songs sung by Saleem Javeed and lyrics are full of praises for MJ. The music transforms a lot, from a 70’s disco kind of music to wedding style music but most of the time remains retro.

Zardozi Lamhe: Another romantic track of the album that is made of contemporary music unlike Kaafi Nahi Chand and is kind of nice, even, the best and the most normal in the album. Moin Sabri’s sweet voice and the good lyrics make the song all the more romantic.
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