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‘I felt offended to play “Rohan” – Vir Das’s interview for ‘Revolver Rani’

What’s your character in ‘Revolver Rani’?

I have an image of a ‘Stand-Up Comedian’, and I have made people laugh in all my movies, but in ‘Revolver Rani’ I have played a completely different role. He is an interesting personality but not a good human being. He is obsessed with Bollywood. Rohan always use women for his own selfish reason. He is not even ashamed of using his body if the need arises. He is selfish and manipulates others. Though he is from a small town, he harbors big ambitions, for which he is ready to go to any level. When Tigmanshu narrated the role, I couldn’t believe that he wanted me to play Rohan! I literally asked him if he really mean it, as the character was so horrendous. As a person I felt offended that Tigmanshu even thought of such thing, but he insisted on it. He always portrayed actors in never seen before roles, so playing Rohan was very challenging for me.

Do you think person like Rohan really exists in real life?

Personally, I feel person like Rohan should never exist in this world or the world will come to an end.

Do you think, ‘Revolver Rani’ will break your ‘Stand-Up Comedian’ image?

I can’t say at this moment.

So, why you were so hesitant to play ‘Rohan’ initially?

I was hesitant not because the role is not funny, but I was doubtful because Rohan is a bad human being. He is not at all a clean hearted person; instead there is sexual abuse, drug addiction involved with this character. I was afraid if I could play that such person with conviction on the screen.

How developed is your ‘dark chemistry’ with Kangana? cialic 5mg after radical prostatectomy

I hardly used to interact with people on the sets during the early days. The movie is about Rohan’s journey of frustration. For the first 30 days of the shoot, I keep getting more and more frustrated and for next 30 days I remained frustrated (laughs). Director very cleverly shot my scenes during this period. We shot in the jungles of Gwalior and Chambal, so there was no time for fun and frolic. In this movie, there was more violence, which helped our ‘dark chemistry’.

Is there any difference between Stand-Up comedian and an actor?

Stand-up comedy is like a theatre play. In 15 min. you come to know if the audience is enjoying your show or not, depending on which you make changes instantly to improve it. Movies are quite different in this matter. In movies, it takes 8 months to know for an actor to know audience reactions. In movies, the script is confirmed even before you start shooting, while in stand-up comedy you can make the changes as per the audience reactions. I equally love both the mediums. There is one more field which I love working in is song writing and composing music.

Tell us about your forthcoming movies?

As a hero my first film this year is ‘Revolver Rani’ which is not a light-hearted but a dark movie. Amit Sahni movie is a romantic movie. Then ‘Santa Banta’ is a hardcore Mumbai masala movie. In Sanjay Chhel’s movie I will be working with Rishi Kapoor and Niloufer. In “1984” which is based on anti-Sikh riots is a serious movie. So this year I will be tapping different genre.
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