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Kalki Kochilen tells you how to travel light and stylish

Kalki Kochilen was bitten by the travel bug from a very young age. She recently went to Pondicherry, which she affectionately calls Pondy for a holiday. Her itinerary was simple: “I went to the surf club swam, read a lot and, yes, I switched off my mobile phone.”

A seasoned traveler, Kalki has been all over India. Her foreign jaunts include places as diverse as “Bangladesh, Thailand, Singapore, Lebanon, Europe, USA, Turkey and Canada.” Her favourite destination is the snow-clad mountainous region of Kashmir. She shares, “It’s a place I love, and I have been to Kashmir quite often.” She also has some very fond memories of her honeymoon with Anurag Kashyap in Turkey.

Though some of these destinations demand that she flies to them, given a choice she would rather travel by road. “A motor bike or a car would be perfect,” she enthuses.

Kalki obviously likes picturesque sights that catch her fascination while driving around but she rarely captures them on camera for posterity. She says, “I hate removing myself from the moment.”

Her travelling companions are usually her friends. She opines, “Girlie trips are the most fun.” And despite being a star who can indulge in luxury, Kalki likes to rough it out while travelling. “I am not a spa and resort kind of person,’ she admits, “I prefer backpacking trips.”

Unconventional as she may be, like most women, she loves shopping, especially when she travels to different
countries. But she is not into malls and brands; she loves vintage clothes and makes a beeline for vintage stores and flea markets.

Kalki packs her bag on her own. The must-haves, according to her, are, “Swimwear, walking shoes, sunscreen, torch, passport, money, sarong and hat.”

What’s next on the cards? An excited Kalki says, “I really want to go to South America, and Peru especially.”

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