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“Getting my shoe size is difficult” – Deepika Padukone reveals her fashion secrets

Having already won a place on Bollywood’s Best-Dressed list, Deepika Padukone has now launched a clothing line with Van Heusen and has also turned designer for the brand. Deepika reveals her fashion secrets.

My fashion philosophy: I wear what I believe in, what suits my personality and my body type and what I can carry off. For me, fashion is not what people in the fashion world are dictating that I should wear; it’s what I feel comfortable in. For me colour, cut and styles are not important, I always say: Wear your personality.

My favourite outfit: A saree.
The evolution of my style: I started off as a model so I got the opportunity to work with some of the best talent designers in our country and that has influenced my style. After doing many films and playing different characters and dressing up for so many events over the years, I have developed my own style. Fashion is an extension of what I do.

My fashion influences: My mom. When I was growing up, my mother was my style icon, which she is even today. My style, which is classic, simple and elegant, is influenced by my mother. Like her, I also do not accessories.

My personal style offscreen: Easy and comfortable.
The most expensive outfit I have brought: It would definitely be Indian clothes.
Having turned designer for Van Heusen I would like to design clothes for: Everyday college girls. Most actors in the industry have their own distinctive individual style.

I look best in: Both Indian and western clothes.

I have a fetish for: Shoes – I own lots of them. Getting my shoe size is a difficult task so when I walk into a store and if they have my size, I buy pairs in different colours. I won’t bother if the pattern is the same. I do that for my clothes too.

According to me, the best-dressed man in the industry is: Akshay – he is best dressed because his effortlessness (in dressing) makes him look good. He is athletic and this adds to the way he carries himself
According to me, the best-dressed woman in the industry is: Rekha. She dresses the way she wants to. Trends come and go but she stands by what she believes in. I like her approach.

A contemporary actor who is stylish according to me: Kangana.

My tip on clothes: Most importantly, when a girl wears clothes she has to feel like her own self, but very often we kind of get carried away by fashion and style and we lose our identity. Also clothes should be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in any clothing, it clearly shows on your face.

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