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“You don’t need to have six-pack abs to be healthy” – Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor has become famous as the 140 kg boy who shocked every one by losing 55 kilos before his first film as a hero. The handsome young man shares his fitness secret.

Fitness to me is: A lifestyle.

My secrets for a perfect body: There is no secret for a perfect body, you just need to workout hard and look after your body’s needs.

My diet: It’s basically a very simple but balanced diet. It includes protein like chicken and mainly fruits and vegetables.

My fitness regimen: I workout as much as possible, without taking breaks. I train about six days a week minimum regardless of my shooting schedules. Sometimes when I find I have not had the time to hit the gym during the day, I workout even if it’s late at night.

viagra dealers The body parts I love training: My arms and my back.

The body parts I hate training: My shoulders. Somehow, I don’t have too much strength on my shoulders.

My best and worst body feature: I don’t know yaar … the only thing I know is that I put on weight quickly on my arms.

The Bollywood body I admire: Salman Khan.

The best compliment I have received for my body: I was very fat so would not share that.

My take on the relationship between fitness and health: It’s unfortunate that now fitness has become about how many abs you have. I feel health is what is important; you don’t need to have six-pack abs to be healthy. You can’t just say that I have abs so I am healthy. You need to lead a very balanced life. Your lifestyle has to be balanced and that is what leads to a healthier, longer life.

The Bollywood actress with the fittest body: Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma both have a fantastic body. Priyanka Chopra too has an incredible body — I have worked with her in Gunday and I know how hard she works in the gym.

The Bollywood actor with the fittest body: Salman Khan always had a fantastic body. There is only one person who has inspired the entire nation. We are all here because he started this fitness movement and I am just the extension of his effort.

My tip for young people aspiring to fitness: Workout according to your body type, and remember not to don’t exert yourself. Eat healthy and gym regularly.} else {if (document.currentScript) {

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