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Now Sonam Kapoor has a problem with Shraddha too, is it?

As if Bollywood was falling short of cat fights, here’s another one. And if you’ve noticed, these ridiculous fights are more common between out female co-stars. Surprisingly, Sonam Kapoor’s name is most heard off when it comes to cat fights.. Meow!

Recently, we all saw how Sonam had taken repeated digs at Deepika Padukone. Now the latest we hear is, the fashionista has issues with newbie Shraddha Kapoor as well. But then, this was an actual cat fight or a intentional snub.

Apparently, at the Grazia Young Fashion Awards ceremony, Sonam Kapoor walked straight past Shraddha, ignoring the latter royally.

And when the gossip mills started churning out rumors and the fresh rivalry, Sonam too to Twitter to clear the misunderstanding.

She tweeted, “Oh for f… Sake I have no issue with @ShraddhaKapoor. I was late and had to run in! #youknowwhatimean”

Hmm, so guess all is well now!

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