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“I have done a play in college where I was naked on stage.” – Vir Das

In conversation with stand-up comedian and Bollywood actor Vir Das. This time around, he is pushing the envelope with his role in the upcoming film Revolver Rani.

Is your dark role in Revolver Rani a conscious decision to try and change your comic image?

I have gradually built my career graph over the last three years, it’s not been instant. I started off by doing one scene in films, then three, then multi-starrers and now, after five releases, I am doing full-fledged roles. I know I have to start showing the audience some range now; and Revolver Rani is part of that conscious decision.
But I will still make you laugh in this film. It’s very dark, bizarre comedy; a new way to make people laugh.

So was it fun playing a Toy Boy?

When I read the script I instantly told director Sai Kabir that I am wrong for the film. I said I don’t want to play this character in a very typical, filmy way to which he answered that he had thought of me precisely because he knew I would take the role in a different direction. My character Rohan is very manipulative, arrogant, selfish, sexual and very dark — that was challenging to find because that’s not me in real life. I am usually very shy with women. I couldn’t relate to my character, he is a terrible chap.

cialis bonus pills Kangana said that after watching the film no one will marry her. Do you have the same fears?

I don’t think I have such a huge female following. I know girls think that I am cute and I am in very good shape. I take off my shirt a lot of time in this film so maybe that will help a little bit in terms of female following.

Are you okay with taking off your shirt?

I don’t think about it much if it’s there in the script. There is some explicit stuffs in Revolver Rani and not just with Kangana. I think stand-up comedy makes you brave. I have done a play in college where I was naked on stage.

Did Kangana and you get along off camera?

There are three main characters in the film – Piyush (Mishra), Kangana and I. We are all very ambitious characters who are using each other. When they yell action, we do horrible things to each other but when they yell cut we behave very nicely with each other to balance the universe a bit.
Kangana’s instincts are very great. We both belong to a non-film background and I have a very healthy respect for her. She is now 30 films old and she has built herself up a good reputation and increased her space in the industry … that’s something I can relate to; each year I try to do something more in the industry.

What other projects do you have in hand?

A romcom, Amit Sahni Ki List; a big commercial comedy, Santa Banta; a love story, Khanna Patel; a kid’s film, Golu Papu and a drama, 1984.

Are you also producing a film with Nikhil Advani?

I have written it and I am staring in it but he is producing it. It’s set in a law-school and the Delly Belly audience will love it.
There is also a project called Saxxx..
I am playing a double role. I won’t call it a sex film but a superhero film that has sex in it.

What’s your relationship status?

I am committed and in a live-in- relationship. I am very private person so you won’t know much about my personal life.

Interviewed by: Anita Britto, Bollywood News Service
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